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Right to Read

I have blogged before about the Right to Read campaign.  I was reminded of it by this list of 30 dyslexic entrepreneurs.

I wonder what they would have achieved had they let their dyslexia define them?  Had they listened to those who said ‘you won’t amount to much until you learn to read and write well’.

Perhaps some of them did overcome their dyslexia and become fluent readers and writers anyway – but my guess is that most found coping mechanisms that meant their difficulties with the written word were minimised.

This kind of re-framing is possible in so many areas where people are defined by their problems rather than their potential.  The problem is that often we only engage with their problems and not with their potential.

So people are defined by their addictions, fecundity, immigration status or their age – instead of by their aspirations – and potential is lost.

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