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Professional Development in Support of Local Enterprise Growth

What professional development and training experiences would help you to become more effective in your role in delivering local enterprise growth?

Whether you are:

  • a service provider – working face to face with clients, or
  • a service manager – working with service providers and reporting to a contract manager as part of a delivery ‘partnership’, or
  • managing a LEGI delivery partnership, or
  • involved in any other way in supporting the growth of local enterprise, perhaps as a volunteer mentor or even as a LEGI customer

I am really keen to know!

I am planning to put together a professional development programme that can attract world class speakers on relevant topics as well as trainers and practitioners with proven track records to help drive the professional development and innovation in delivering enterprise growth.

So please spend a couple of minutes reflecting on the challenges that you are facing in delivering local enterprise growth and what sort of learning might help. Then put your thoughts in the comments below. 

I am interested in the:

  • kind of challenges that you wish to learn more about how to tackle
  • the topics that you would like to learn about
  • the learning proceses that you would most like to use (classroom style, action learning etc)

Or else fire me an e-mail to mike’at’realisedevelopment.com

I will of course share the results – suitably anonymised – in a  future post.

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